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Pakistan’s War On Youtube

February 25th, 2008
By now, you're probably aware that Pakistan's government banned youtube because of depictions that were being spread on Mohammad, a taboo in the Muslim world. ArsTechnica had the lowdown on some of the odd packet routing issues that resulted on Sunday, here's an excerpt: On Sunday, YouTube became ...

Youtube on Helio?

December 16th, 2007
This commercial has been on TV a lot lately and exemplifies the fact that certain companies (or, perhaps, ad agencies) just don't get it. [youtube][/youtube] Would anyone seriously want to use their phone to film a video response to someone dropping a turkey? Do the creators of this ad really think that ...

Top 10 Video Sharing Sites

December 14th, 2007
In August, PC World released an informative guide to the top 10 video sharing sites. Though Youtube is clearly the most well-known of the bunch, there are a number of other worthy, and perhaps better, video sharing sites out there. One might assume that all video sharing sites are more ...