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How-to Create a Position Paper

October 23rd, 2018
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Poor Man’s iPhone Docking Station

December 10th, 2007
Gizmodo has the scoop on a fancy way to use a dollar bill to make a iphone docking station. This is one reason I love nerds, always thinking! Origami fans—or just people who like money and have a lot of it lying about—might find Enrique Pardo's iPhone accessory interesting. The ...

How to run Ubuntu 7.10 on PS3

December 9th, 2007
Ubuntu on the Play Station 3 Not everyone likes to mess around with hardware and dive right in to having fun with their toys, but Softpedia has a manual that helps make this process easy. They've provided very detailed information and numerous screen shots for the gaming and Ubuntu ...

On Professional Blogging

November 27th, 2007
Blogging Tips - Part 1 - Professional Blogging and a quick lesson for budding Entrepreneurs I've been meaning to write this article for some time. I found inspiration on the Problogger website off a guest article entitled: 'be brave break your blog!' I'm new to blogging on the ...