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Is Windows Losing Market Share?

December 10th, 2007
Windows sucks, always has. Let's flame Bill Gates and Microsoft for a moment, shall we? Bill Gates continues to show why Microsoft never 'got it.' Bill Gates recently lamented the problem with Business and Computing. No one pays any attention to Business! I wonder if this is some odd way ...

Karl Rove Abused Geeks To Cover Tracks

December 2nd, 2007
Karl Rove's under fire for calling on nerds to cover his tracks The head of the federal agency investigating Karl Rove's White House political operation is facing allegations that he improperly deleted computer files during another probe, using a private computer-help company, Geeks on Call. This is a pretty big issue that ...

Tablet PC: Apple’s next hot product?

November 6th, 2007
Rumors of an Apple Tablet PC, the timing is perfect Everywhere you turn, there is a new juicy rumor about Apple products and it's difficult to distinguish rumors based on some fact information from those that are entirely speculative. CNET claims to have the inside story on Apple's latest tech ...