House Passes “SAFE Act”

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House Democrats rushed and passed legislation related to regulating the Internet that is an obscene abuse of political power.

House passes “Safe Act”

The SAFE Act requires that anyone providing an “electronic communication service” or “remote computing service” to the public who learns about the transmission or storage of information about certain illegal activities or an illegal image must (a) register their name, mailing address, phone number, and fax number with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s “CyberTipline” and (b) “make a report” to the CyberTipline that (c) must include any information about the person or Internet address behind the suspect activity and (d) the illegal images themselves. (By the way, “electronic communications service” and “remote computing service” providers already have some reporting requirements under existing law too.)

There isn’t an American alive that doesn’t want to help protect children from online perverts and predators. However, it’s a farce to think that regulating behavior by imposing ‘strict’ guidelines on Internet users is the answer. Since the government seems to have no qualms about spying on its citizens, I can see why it decided to move in this direction. It’s sad that not a single Democrat stood up against this madness.

In the end, it means nothing as far as regulating Child Pornography goes. That is, I highly doubt that anyone that is “guilty” is going to turn straight or get caught for that matter. All it’s going to do is create a situation where these perverts find ways to be discrete and covert, online.

What did the House accomplish? It continued to put the clamps down on individual liberties, rights, and privacy. It only serves to make perverts and child pornographers learn how to hide their tracks and escape the authorities and nothing positive comes of the legislation. It’s an impossible issue to really take a tough stand on, because of the nature of the issues at question, but you have to wonder if our Democrats are ever going to show some backbone and stand up on principle.

No, we don’t want fascism in America, we don’t need a police State. Take your ultra patriotism and shove it, this is America, why don’t we start acting like liberty, freedom, privacy, and the Constitution matter?

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