Big Brother has a new name

Published by • December 4th, 2007 RSS News Feed

It’s called Facebook

Throughout the week, countless articles have been released that attack the founder of Facebook for alleged theft of code that helped create the latest social online phenomena. All sorts of dirty laundry have been aired regarding the 23 year old Harvard grad and owner of Facebook.

It’s alleged that Mark essentially stole Facebook and he’s being sued by Tyler Winklevos and his brother Cameron, pals at Harvard. Mark Zuckerberg is now a billionaire (at least on paper) and presumably he’d have to split the pie if the court agrees with the complainant.

While it seemed things couldn’t get any worse for Mark Zuckerberg, it turns out that his company is engaging in questionable if not downright unethical practices with regard to privacy. There was plenty of concern by Facebook users that their private data was being shared and sold without hesitation. Politicians in favor of a telecommunications industry that plays the role of big brother have used social networking sites, particularly face book, as a prime example that people don’t really care about their privacy in this “new world of social networking.”

Well, they’d be wrong on that point and here’s the latest frightening revelation coming out of the Facebook camp. It turns out that they’ve been keeping track of users even after they log out!

Facebook has confirmed findings of a CA security researcher that the social-networking site’s Beacon ad service is more intrusive and stealthy than previously acknowledged, an admission that contradicts statements made previously by Facebook executives and representatives.

If you’ve been a naughty citizen and perusing the naked ladies or cheating on your wife on the side with some hot college coed you met online, there’s a possibility that Facebook knows about it! Maybe it’s time to lead a revolution against these corporate giants that are getting fat off of our personal data. Question is, how do you destroy a multi-billion dollar corporation? Is it as easy as telling people to stop using the site? Will the younger generation wake up to this nasty reality we’re embarking upon?

Time will tell, stay tuned for more exciting gossip on ‘as the Facebook turns.’

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