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January 5th, 2008
Welcome to I seem to have picked up a number of regular readers over the last few months and I must apologize for holding out on the daily updates recently. I'm going to get this site hot and ready to roll again now that the near year ...

Planetary Alignment On My Birthday

December 23rd, 2007
It's my birthday, thought I'd pat myself on the back for achieving the impossible: Dec 23, 2007 A Planetary Alignment is in progress!? Yes, that's right.. I am responsible for this great cosmic moment! :)

Top 10 Video Sharing Sites

December 14th, 2007
In August, PC World released an informative guide to the top 10 video sharing sites. Though Youtube is clearly the most well-known of the bunch, there are a number of other worthy, and perhaps better, video sharing sites out there. One might assume that all video sharing sites are more ...

Wii in high demand this holiday season

December 9th, 2007
It looks like Nintendo still can't get that supply and demand thing down. Luckily for them, their Wii console continues to be such a great hit and is nearly impossible to acquire for the second Christmas in a row! Nintendo spokesman says: "We have been running the campaign all year ...

the Pirate Bay laughs at the RIAA

December 9th, 2007
Bring it on RIAA, MPAA and everyone else! If I didn't know any better, I'd think the Pirate Bay owners are trying to have the house brought down on them. the Pirate Bay opens up shop for Music Pirates, Arr! I'm not a big fan of the RIAA and other net police groups, ...

the Web 2.0 Bubble – Silicon Valley, USA

December 4th, 2007
Have we learned anything from the past? Have we created another bubble? 1999 didn't end well for everyone, are we headed in the wrong direction and are you prepared to bet the ranch on the next "sure thing"? The Googles and Facebooks of the world are here to stay, they ...

NBC, Apple sever relationship

December 4th, 2007
Well it finally happened, NBC and Apple finally broke up. NBC's contract with Apple has expired and all NBC-owned shows are no longer available for purchase on the iTunes store. Fans might be saddened to learn that shows from other channels such as the USA Network and the Sci-Fi ...

Get Ready For the Crunchies Awards

December 3rd, 2007
From the Crunchies website: GigaOm, Read/WriteWeb, VentureBeat and TechCrunch are pleased to announce that nominations for the inaugural 2007 Crunchies Awards are now open. We created twenty award categories to recognize the year’s most innovative technical, creative and business accomplishments of key companies, products and people. We hope you’ll agree that the ...

Amazon’s Kindle and e-book evolution

November 24th, 2007
So the trend of technology development that will flop continues to receive important coverage by Tech news outlets. Is Amazon lacking in the imagination and innovation department or are they making a strong push for innovation in the future? I'll take a stab at the issue of innovation and ...

Bill Nye the ‘pious’ guy

November 4th, 2007
I graduated from Cornell University almost a decade ago. I remember hearing about the legendary Bill Nye. He was the pride of Cornell University at the time, even in a way that not even Carl Sagan could claim. The man (Nye) is noted for his ability to simplify science and ...

Will Christianity survive Technology?

November 2nd, 2007
Religion vs. Science in an era of technological advancement For some Americans, Christianity is the only thing that matters in life. For others, religion has become insufferable and they would rather see it vanish from existence than deal with consequences of religion on politics and society. Many Christians worry ...