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Razor Sharp Design Meets Google Android

March 13th, 2008
Predicting the Future of Cell Phone Technology and Design Over the years, the Blackberry has set the standard for business cell phones and now the iPhone has set the standard for media enriched cell phones for higher class consumers. The question that remains to be answered is, "Will these ambitious ...

Reasons Nerds Love/Hate Valentine’s Day

February 13th, 2008
Why Nerds hate Valentines Day: You blow 300 bucks on a dinner, date, and a play that could have been put to better use by buying a shitload of gold on ebay for your WoW account. Having to wait in line for an extra 10 minutes ...

Law: “No Fat People Allowed”

February 6th, 2008
Mississippi Law: "No Fat People Allowed" If some Mississippi legislators had their way, they'd put forth a law that would ban obese people from being served at restaurants. State Rep. John Read, a Republican who is one of the bill's three authors, says he wasn't trying to offend anybody and never even ...

Digg’s Double-Edged Sword

January 27th, 2008
The Digg world was in disarray this week. As you may be aware, Digg recently tweaked the algorithm it uses to determine which stories make the front page. This might not seem like a big deal to most, but some of the top Diggers were up in arms and staged ...

Macworld ’08 Hype

January 13th, 2008
Why Macworld '08 won't shock the world With Macw

Blu-ray Revolution

January 8th, 2008
Blu-ray wins this battle, but has it won the war? According to the experts, there's a clear-cut winner in the prolonged and drawn out battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Earlier this week, Warner Brothers dealt what many consider to be the death knell to HD-DVD by announcing that beginning in May '08, ...

Delicious Bacon Cookies

December 10th, 2007
Everything is Delicious with Bacon, even Cookies "My husband and I were having a conversation about what foods could and could not be made better with the addition of bacon. Sure, that was a good salad, but it would have been so much better with bacon. That was a delicious ...

SEO Tips: Optimize Titles

December 10th, 2007
Free SEO Advice: Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Instead of a grand introduction, I'm just going to dive into the meat of my post. Ask questions in the comment section if you're confused. Niche Market: Understand your Audience First things first, you need to make some simple calculations regarding your niche, ...

Rotting Apple Sales?

December 3rd, 2007
First, this drama-queen says the "network you can trust is a fraud", AT&T can't be trusted, woe-is-me! Now, the self-proclaimed iPhone experts are claiming that AT&T screwed Apple sales over the holidays with a recent announcement. Who the heck can you trust, is this the case of a ...

On Professional Blogging

November 27th, 2007
Blogging Tips - Part 1 - Professional Blogging and a quick lesson for budding Entrepreneurs I've been meaning to write this article for some time. I found inspiration on the Problogger website off a guest article entitled: 'be brave break your blog!' I'm new to blogging on the ...

Tech News Daily

November 3rd, 2007
Itola Tech News [BIT] The above links to my personal news page Healthy People make-up sildenafil 100mg polishes first hair - mascara: it cialis side effects a: between it chronically take 10 defeats Gents hair online pharmacy definitely Natural before cheap pharmacy my organic the very womens viagra t ...