Is Windows Losing Market Share?

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Windows sucks, always has.

Let’s flame Bill Gates and Microsoft for a moment, shall we?

Bill Gates continues to show why Microsoft never ‘got it.’

Bill Gates recently lamented the problem with Business and Computing. No one pays any attention to Business! I wonder if this is some odd way of saying, “Vista sucks because consumers aren’t sophisticated enough to use it, but maybe if we focused on business…”

“The business computing market, which is way bigger than the consumer computing market, no one pays attention to it,” the Microsoft chairman said. Then he called us out: “Even in the Wall Street Journal, and you think, oh, this is the paper they’re going to tell me about business computing; no, it’s all about consumer computing.

Quick, someone get Bill Gates a Pacifier!

Sorry to tell ya, but consumer computing matters, Mr. Gates! For all of your genius and wealth, you never had a good grasp of how your company’s decisions have affected the average consumer over time. The fact that you’ve neglected the end-user for so long has made Microsoft vulnerable to competition.

Think about the purpose of a number of platforms out there. Forget Apple and it’s iMac line of computers, but what about Open Source OS platforms like Ubuntu and Free BSD? The owners and founders of both have aimed to create a computing solution for consumers and businesses that ‘don’t suck’. For all of the goodness that Windows has brought the average consumer, it has created a lot of heartache in the process.

Here’s just a list of problems with Windows off the top of my head that troubles both business and regular consumers:

  1. Windows Networking is not much easier for the core Windows audience than Linux
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    Networking is to an amateur programmer / tech enthusiast. Think about that one for a minute, why the heck do average computer users require costly installations and fees for using stuff as trivial as the Internet and/or file sharing? In Silicon Valley, even, average families have to pay Best Buy or some other company a King’s ransom just to get rolling. This stuff should work out of the box!

  2. Dreaded DLL errors: If I ever see another dreaded .dll error or missing files from bad installations again, it’ll be too soon. I’ve shifted through all flavors of windows, Ubuntu, Slackware, FreeBSD, Gentoo and back again and I can say without a doubt, windows always seems to generate stupid missing file errors. This brings me to the next problem…
  3. Blue Screen of Death: Over 10 years after the introduction of the Blue Screen of death with Windows 95, I’m still seeing that stupid screen. I still get random hangs and hardware crashes, I continue to be disappointed by poor Windows design. For the record, I currently spend most of my time using an IBM X41 with Windows XP and Gentoo dual-booting. P.S. Gentoo never crashes!
  4. Internet Explorer sucks, it is a major source of the 21st century Windows hate. Not only is the damn thing slow but it never seems to render pages quite right. As a frequent web surfer who has spent some time on the design side, I have to say that Internet Explore is a heaping pile of crap. It’s not fun to see web pages work on every browser using w3c compliant code while several hacks and fixes need to be implemented to cater to not ONE, but THREE different versions of Internet Explorer that suck! That’s right, IE5, 6, and 7 all render certain CSS elements differently! I’m not even to get into the garbage that came before that, but I don’t recall it being anywhere near as bad as it is now.
  5. Hardware installation has never been Simple, despite plug and play “technology”. I’m pretty Tech savvy, especially as far as Lawyers are concerned. I’m educated, I’ve been using computers for about 17 years now and consider myself an amateur programmer. Experience and knowledge aside, the lack of Microsoft / PC standards and ease of use has created plenty of headaches for me especially when family, friends and even people in the work place need help. Guess what? It’s taken days and days out of my life because Microsoft can’t seem to get their shit together on the hardware department. Just yesterday, I spent an afternoon trying to get a network set up and printers working for a friend and I left without finishing the job due to lack of time. This is after he paid $80 to a techie to install his network, set up WEP, and get the printer network going.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I could probably go on for days about my wasted time due to poor Windows design, but that might depress my readers and make them want to shoot themselves. Thanks, just another horrible thing that can be attributable to Microsoft!

Oh, by the way, BILL:

I understand the iMac commercials are taking a toll on Microsoft profits and sales, ever wonder what makes them so effective? Hint: It’s not ‘just’ the awesome PC guy, it’s the product, stupid. I know there is so much more I could write, but I’ll stop for now.

Feel free to add your own gripes in comments if there is anything that ticks you off about Microsoft and Windows that has been lingering and tearing you up inside. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!

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Comment by Rohan
2008-01-15 02:24:12


Well i am also a XP and ubuntu user and i guess most of the points you made are correct except the 1′st and the last one.

Windows networking is not difficult – for corporates yeah its expensive. And as far as the ‘out of the box’ thing is mentioned above it doesn’t work out in any of the OS’s , you need to configure it – be it any OS.

Hardware Installation is damn easy on windows – since even the non-standard hardware vendors will provide drivers.Yeah it is an issue with linux.

Think about it :)

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