Perl on Rails, is the BBC on crack?

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Someone’s always trying to get the jump in programming, efficiency, and design. There are always a host of reasons for wanting more from your core developer tools. Here’s an idea, create a hybrid method for design:

Like most organisations the BBC has its own technical ecosystem; the BBC’s is pretty much restricted to Perl and static files. This means that the vast majority of the BBC’s website is statically published – in other words HTML is created internally and FTP’ed to the web servers. There are then

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a range of Perl scripts that are used to provide additional functionality and interactivity. [...] For applications that run internally we use Ruby on Rail. Because we enjoy using it, its fast to develop with, straight forward to use and because we use it (i.e. to reduce knowledge transfer and training requirements) we decided to follow the same design patterns and coding conventions used in Rails when we built our MVC framework. Yes that’s right we’ve built Perl on Rails. [...] This isn’t quite as insane as it might appear.

Hey, this is just another idea of creative solutions to real world problems. This just illustrated why companies need a good mix of logically sound thinkers with a bit of outside-the-box genius. You can read the rest of the article: “Perl on Rails.”

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