Lame Super Bowl Commercials

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The Wall-Street Journal has a good summary of yesterday’s Super Bowl ads. Per usual, some were great, some were bad, and most were okay.

In my opinion, however, Super Bowl commercials have lost their relevance. Why? Well, in case you aren’t already aware, we are now bombarded with advertisements at every corner and every turn. In turn, it’s getting increasingly difficult for today’s consumer to be that impressed with a commercial. After all, we’re exposed to media advertising

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nearly every waking hour. With the cost of Super Bowl advertising getting costlier every year, it makes sense that only some of the biggest name-brands would be willing to shell out the cash necessary for a 30 second spot.

And that, I feel, is what has caused a general ‘blandness’ to envelop what was once a showcase for the best ads on the planet. With only a few companies being able to compete for the most sought after spots during the Super Bowl, it only makes sense that the commercials that make it to air aren’t necessarily the best in show. Rather, they are the best in show for the companies that actually afford a Super Bowl spot in the first place. They’re still great commercials, but I feel that the day of the Super Bowl commercial as a defining marketing tool is a thing of the past.

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Comment by Fred
2008-02-04 18:11:21

The quality of the commercials has definitely dropped.

Will the effectiveness of the ads drop with quality of commercials? Probably not. Part of the reason commercials during the Superbowl cost $2.7 million is because of the amount of eyeballs that are glued to the screen.

I agree that lower quality ads may be less effective, generally, but the fact is that the TV sets will stay on. It’s the Super Bowl, there are parties gathered everywhere and the occasional Bud commercial and ‘newcomer’ to the scene will be enough to keep consumers spending and marketers doing their thing.

This year was a record year for the super bowl in no small part thanks to the large markets involved and the shot at perfection or the perfect upset. If not for the recession that haunts our economy, I’d be willing to bet the farm that it would translate into record consumer spending.

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2011-12-18 01:15:47

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