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Fred Soto

Fred Soto is an attorney, writer, and entrepreneur from the Silicon Valley that enjoys blogging about global conflict, politics and religion. His passions –outside of law– are business and technology related. As a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, web programmer and start-up fanatic, Fred has plenty of advice and experience that he’ll share on a regular basis.

Horace Lau also hails from the Silicon Valley and is interested in hardware, software, and technology issues. He has worked at MIPS for over a decade now and has seen the entrepreneurial side of technology from startup through to corporate fruition. He’ll occasionally write articles or contribute to discussions and share business and technology expertise with readers.

Kevin Lau, Horace’s brother, is an employ at Microsoft who might offer advice on software related issues if he can break off his current obsession with motorcycles for a moment! Kevin and Fred were buddies at Cornell University in the 90s.

Yoni  is a tax and business attorney from the windy city. He is an avid follower of the tech industry and enjoys checking out the latest gadgets and gizmos.

The experience of the authors will give avid tech readers, budding entrepreneurs, web developers, bloggers, and enthusiasts their fill of silicon valley goodness. More than anything, it’s passion and attitude that will have you coming back, because let’s face it, tech “experts” are a dime a dozen and can be quite boring.

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